U.S., China should learn from history to improve bilateral ties

The U.S. and China should learn from history to improve bilateral relations, which is essential to solving major issues of global importance, including climate change, the pandemic and terrorism, the president said. of the National Committee on US-China Relations, Stephen A. Orlins. .

At the NCUSCR’s annual gala dinner held here on Wednesday, Orlins quoted a famous Chinese poem from the Southern Song dynasty that reads: “After mountains and endless rivers that cast doubt on the existence of a path, one suddenly encounters the shadow of a willow, bright flowers and a charming village.”

“US-China relations have traversed endless mountains and rivers in recent years,” Orlins continued. “But if we want to fight climate change, the global pandemic, terrorism, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, we have to find a way to get to this lovely village.”

“We have to look back on our history to see that a seemingly impossible future is possible,” Orlins said, noting that this year marks the 50th anniversary of the Shanghai Communiqué and the NCUSCR welcoming the Chinese ping pong team to the States. -United.

“This trip, along with the courageous actions of great leaders, has changed the narrative of how we and China can work together and build relationships through people-to-people exchanges,” Orlins said.

“Times have certainly changed, but the National Committee remains steadfast in its commitment to building better U.S.-China relations, keeping trade open, and educating Americans and Chinese about each other,” Orlins said.

NCUSCR Chairman and former US Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew echoed Orlins’ points.

“It has never been more important to maintain contact and dialogue,” said Lew. “It’s been a tough time, which is why it’s so important to double down on our efforts and get the job done when it’s hard to do, not just when it’s easy to do.”

People-to-people contacts, dialogues, cultural and sports exchanges are essential for connecting the American people and the Chinese people, Lew said, adding that it is essential to create an environment to support policymakers who are looking for ways to reduce the tensions and create opportunities for cooperation between the two countries.

Esteemed gala winner Evan Greenberg, NCUSCR Vice Chairman and Chairman of Chubb Limited and Chubb Group, noted that “American interests are served by a stable relationship between the United States and China that recognizes the need for coexist amidst our competition, which provides space for both sides to vigorously defend their interests.”

“It allows coordination on common challenges and never loses sight of the requirement of both parties to avoid conflict, we need better rules of the road and guardrails around what is acceptable behavior between us,” Greenberg said.

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